Guerrilla marketing isn’t necessarily an old technique to market your business

But it’s finally making its way around the business world because more and more businesses are bootstrapping their way to success.

Guerrilla marketing is quite different from traditional marketing efforts. Guerrilla marketing means going after the conventional goals of profits, sales and growth but doing it by using unconventional means, such as expanding offerings during gloomy economic days to inspire customers to increase the size of each purchase.Instead of asking that you invest money, guerrilla marketing suggests you invest time, energy, imagination and knowledge instead.

Source: Entrepreneur

Guerrilla marketing often employs free and unique methods to leave marketing messages in the most unlikely places and pulls a person’s attention, unlike traditional marketing which pushes their message on the viewer.

The following tips are ways to get started with guerrilla marketing for your home business that will cost you no money:

Suggestion 1: Leave your business cards in the most unlikely of places

Your business card can be reused in imaginative ways even more than just passing them out to people you meet. Try leaving your business cards where people are likely to find them such as inside books, in mailboxes or apply it to windshields in a car parking lot. Try not to annoy people by bombarding them with your business cards – be sure to leave them in places where your market is active.


Suggestion 2: Add interactivity and reward systems for your customers

People love to interact and be rewarded for their time and effort online and offline. Instead of giving away coupons to you customers try using a reward system where people that buy from you can earn points and even trade them to other people – this will make a game after a customer buys that keeps them around and active within your community. Think of your guerrilla marketing technique using reward systems much like the reward systems used on popular video games in which players much earn coins!

Suggestion 3: Allow your customers to share deals on the social web

An effective guerrilla marketing technique you could apply to your business is by allowing customers to share deals with others on the social web. Much like implementing a reward system in your business you could create a page which tells customers to share with others and they too can earn a deal along with the customer receiving an extra discount on their purchase.


The hardest part about trying to describe guerrilla marketing is that it really depends on your own creativity to market your business. To effectively use this marketing platform you will need to go outside the box and try out any imaginative idea that may pop into your brain – always keep your eyes out for little ways you can apply your marketing message to existing areas online and offline.