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If you’re a small business owner, chances are you’re on limited funds

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You know there is a need for marketing to bring in customers. It tends to be a Catch-22, need customers for money, but need money to appeal to customers.
There are resources out there for either free, or cheap marketing to drive customers to your business. You just need to know where to look.


  1. Press releases in your local paper are generally free. You need to let everyone know that you just added a new product or service, or even if your business is involved in a charity event. Talk about how your business will benefit customers. You can also[typeform_embed type=”popup” button_text=”have a professional agency write and distribute one around the county.” builder=”name=Hey%20there%21%20What%27s%20your%20name%3F&email=Great%21%20And%20your%20email%3F&message=Thanks%21%20How%20can%20we%20help%3F%20Would%20you%20like%20us%20to%20write%20up%20and%20distribute%20a%20press%20release%20for%20you%3F&email_notifications=aaron%40ds9design.com”]


  1. Join organizations and network. Usually there is a minimal cost, but what better way to get out and meet people? Try checking out your local Chamber of Commerce, Women in Business organization or even an organization related to your hobbies. Most cities have a Meetup community. You can register on the site then select which groups you would like to join. Here in Fort Lauderdale we have a suprisingly active start-up community. You can also join some online communities on Reddit. https://www.reddit.com/r/smallbusiness/ is a good place to start. Get to know people and you’ll be on their mind when they need your services!


  1. Donating one of your items to a raffle or for sale in a charity auction is a great way to get your name and product out there. You’ll be remembered for your good deeds as well.

I use handwritten notes to reach out to prospective clients and to say thank you to vendors and clients. Email is too easy to ignore. Phone calls can be invasive and are more challenging to schedule for me. Letters are hard to ignore and not invasive.

Source: The Forgotten Power of Handwritten Notes

Running a small business is difficult as it is, and there is always the budget hanging over your head on where to spend money, and how to do it efficiently. Try some of these steps, and it will help keep your name out there.

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