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Your Attention Span is Worse Than a Gold Fish

digital attention span

If you’re reading this right now, pat yourself on the back. It took you around 8 seconds to get to this intro, which according to a study by Microsoft is the average attention span of a digitally connected consumer. This is comparable to that of a goldfish. As a business owner you wear many hats in the course of a day. In our effort to beat the clock we run the risk of burn out and playing havoc with our careers because we feel like we’re falling behind. In many cases, multitasking is not optional, it’s necessary.

I’m at the office on a Saturday working on 5 different things as I write this article.

  1. I’m writing this article
  2. I’m checking my live chat (to the bottom right of this article, message us and say hi!)
  3. I’m downloading a copy of a website on our FTP
  4. I have a guest checking into my Airbnb so I’m messaging them
  5. Lex is loading in new creative services in our on-demand dashboard so we’re going back and forth on the whiteboard

The list continues.

A few months ago while listening to NPR I came across a time optimizing exercise called single tasking. According to Doctor James Rouse, co-founder of the Healthy Skoop, our brains are not built to multi task.
Our mind is wire to focus on one task at a time. He claims when we’re multi tasking we’re simply stopping one task and leaving it unfinished then switching back to another. We finish about 50 percent less when trying to tackle multiple tasks at once, instead of focusing and completing tasks in a linear function.

Give it a try. Take 1 hour a day and dedicate it to a single task. Turn off your phone, your music, and close your office door. You may find that you end up with a more productive morning.

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