A company or startups comes to you, requesting a logo…What do you do?

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Quick Download: Identity Kit PDF Template and Indesign Files

Design a cool logo that describes their company morals, goals, and iconic look.  All done?


It would be irresponsible to simply leave said company with a logo, because once they take off, they will begin to distribute your work incorrectly:

  • They put out a magazine ad, and the magazine designs whatever their best “guess” is for the look of the company
  • They wrap their fleet of vehicles with a completely different company, and their best “guess”
  • T-shirts
  • Website, another “guess”
  • Flyers, brochures, business cards, the list goes on and on…

Your client needs a brand identity guideline system AKA “Style Guide”

A style guide is a packaged set of guidelines and restrictions, complete with colors, fonts, company slogans and taglines (depicting their values and goals), logo usage and restrictions, and most of all, packaged versions of logo and/or iconic symbols, as well as fonts and hex/rgb/cmyk company color values.

Below are a few examples of how big corporations protect their brand identity with style guides:

Check out the Twitter style guide here.

Check out the Lexus style guide here.

Check out Dell’s Style guide here.

Check out MailChimp’s style guide here.


In the spirit of Free Design Fridays, we give you a downloadable version of our style guide, where you can download, change colors, and text, you you have a good place to start for your next style guide project.  It is our responsibility to our clients and to our own personal curation of projects to submit a company’s identity system with a thorough and concise format in which they can distribute to their signage companies, magazine and newspaper ad partners, web developers, and any designer or company that they wish to work with concerning their brand.

The best program for building a style guide would be InDesign, by Adobe.  If you don’t have Adobe Creative Cloud by now, you may want to pick it up, as it is essential for this type of career.  If you are a small business going for the DIY, I would suggest contacting a professional to help you edit this template.  You can check with us for any questions or problems publishing your new style guide…


Download Template Here