Who Uses DS9?


Small & Medium Businesses

From moonlighters to fully staffed businesses. DS9 is your partner in your journey. We never overlook the needs of the small business enterprise and we take pride in having them as one of our largest customer base.


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Our focus on providing top notch marketing solutions remains geared towards the industry professionals, small scale businesses as well as agencies with a full sized client portfolios. It is really one thing to cater to a single business, but another to focus on hundreds of clients around the world. Our dedicated workforce and task automation allows us to satisfactorily fulfill White Label SEO requirements for agencies.


CMO’s & Marketing Directors

Our largest customer base fall into the category of marketing heads. We provide CMO’s with KPI oriented marketing solutions available under our one single platform. We work with your marketing departments hand in hand to streamline your strategies.



SEO Professionals & Consultants

Your web designers SEO company. We serve independent operators with services including e-commerce, lead generation, and reputation management.


Who We Are

Meet the team working with you. Founded in 2013 by Aaron Velazquez. DS9 Design is a New York City and Miami based digital identity agency who specializes in web design and online marketing. We believe in delivering not just a product to our clients, but an experience.

Aaron Velazquez
Aaron Velazquez CEO & Marketing Director

Aaron Velazquez studied computer science in New York City. He has served as the marketing coordinator for non-profits across the county.

Nick Gonzalez
Nick Gonzalez Creative Director

Nick Gonzalez is an accomplished Miami based graphic designer and web developer. His portfolio can be found at LexGraphicDesign.com

Daniel Romero
Daniel Romero Customer Success Leader

Danny studied web design in Los Angeles before mvoing to the east coast to work for DS9. He has an extensive background in customer acquisition strategies.