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About the DS9 Design Galaxy

Founded in 2013 by Aaron Velazquez. DS9 Design is Brooklyn, New York based web a digital identity agency who specializes in web design and reputation management. We believe in delivering not just a product to our clients, but an experience. There are several core values that speak to the mind body and soul of DS9 Design.


Relationships are the backbone of our company. Relationships with clients, vendors, employees – without them, we wouldn’t be here. Relationships are what make our jobs fun and rewarding, and we look forward to coming to work each day and spending those days with people we like, respect, and learn from. We are proud to be able to say that most of our relationships are long held – many going back before the agency was even conceived.


We don’t have all the answers. We depend on a true collaboration and healthy respect with our clients, employees and partners to develop the best work possible. We take this value very seriously when we are deciding whether or not to work with a client and have found without mutual respect, projects often fall apart.


With changing economic times, we’ve seen many agencies focus more and more on profitability. That doesn’t work for us. Our reputation and livelihood depends on having the integrity to do what’s right for our clients, and that means you get the right people working on your job for however long it takes to do the job well. That also means that we don’t recycle design or give you answers that you want to hear when we know those answers are not realistic. We do what’s right, each time, every time.


Our attention to detail allows us to offer competitive rates. We pride ourselves in coming in under budget and ahead of schedule. With our commitment to Integrity and Respect comes our drive to do more with less. This commitment echo’s in our workplace as well. Our staff, many of them entrepreneurs themselves, understand the dynamics of a globalized economy and the financial burdens that come along with small to medium sized businesses.


We’re curious beings here at DS9 Design. We find inspiration all around us and bring that curiosity to each project. We are seasoned enough to know however that creativity without control can be dangerous in our business. To be effective, creativity must to be tempered with respect for a brand and its equities, and also must be cognizant of the logistical and financial realities that our clients face.


DS9 Design works with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation to buy wind energy credits to offset our energy consumption and to put more energy back into the grid which was produced by wind power technology. In 2009 our parent hosting facility was invited to join the US. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Green Power Partner program. Our offices are located in co-working facilities designed to minimize our carbon footprint.


You are protected by 100% No-Risk Guarantee. We deliver your project exactly as you want or your money back.